November 2018 - Arizona Tour

IG-Ivy 2018-06 1-26.jpg
IG-Ivy 2018-06 1-26.jpg

November 2018 - Arizona Tour

from 100.00

Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona

*Place (a home) available for us in Phoenix, AZ w/private pool and great natural light ($25/hr charge* ~ Level 2 posing included at Level 1 rates if shooting there to help offset studio cost.

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There are no refunds if you need to cancel for any reason. Though in some scenarios I may offer you a discount next time I'm in town if it's good reason/far in advance. If I need to cancel, you will be refunded ASAP or a credit will be held at your desire. 

2 hour minimum for all shoots (unless it can be planned to be a convenient stop on the way to/from another one. OR if you come to my place of stay if I have one available to shoot in)

Please see my MM page or Website for details on my limits.

Direct any questions to MM or